Function And Properties Of Alumina Ceramic Ball
How much do you know about alumina ball? Do you know the function and performance of alumina ball? Now let's have a look.

USES and properties of alumina balls:

1. Angle of rest. The resting Angle of alumina refers to the inclination Angle of material naturally accumulated on a smooth plane. Alumina with larger resting Angle is more soluble in electrolyte and can cover the electrolyte crust well during electrolysis with less loss.

2. A-al2o3 content. The content of a-al2o3 in alumina reflects the degree of roasting of alumina. The higher the roasting degree is, the higher the content of a-al2o3 is, and the hygroscopicity of alumina becomes worse as the content of a-al2o3 increases. Therefore, the alumina used in electrolysis requires a certain amount of a-al2o3. However, the solubility of a-al2o3 in electrolyte is poorer than that of electrolyte-al203.

3. Bulk density. The bulk density of alumina is the weight of a material per unit volume in its natural state. Alumina, which usually has a small bulk density, is favorable for dissolution in electrolytes.

4. Granularity. The particle size of alumina refers to its thickness. Alumina particle size must be appropriate, too thick in the electrolyte dissolution rate is slow, or even precipitation; Rules are easy to lose.

5. Specific surface area. The specific surface area of alumina refers to the total surface area of the sum of the external surface area of the material per unit weight and the surface area of the inner hole. It is an important indicator of the activity of a substance. Alumina with large specific surface area has good solubility and activity in electrolyte, but it is easy to absorb moisture.

6. Wear coefficient. The so-called wear coefficient is the percentage of the change of particle size content in the sample after the grinding of alumina in a fluidized bed under certain conditions. Wear coefficient is a physical index of alumina strength.

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