Characteristics of Honeycomb Ceramics


Characteristics of Honeycomb Ceramics

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Ceramic materials have high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other specific properties, and can be widely used in various environmental protection fields, such as automobile exhaust emissions, etc.


Honeycomb ceramic is a new type of ceramic product with a honeycomb-like structure. It has been widely used in chemical, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, electronic appliances, machinery and other industries from the earliest use in small automobile exhaust purification, and it is becoming more and more extensive, with considerable development prospects.


Honeycomb ceramics have a wide range of uses, as follows:

1. Catalyst carrier

When honeycomb ceramics are used as catalyst carriers, they are mainly used in automobile exhaust purification, boiler exhaust denitrification (NOx), industrial exhaust deodorization, and removal of toxic and harmful gases.

The honeycomb ceramic catalyst carrier for automobile exhaust purification is mainly a cordierite honeycomb ceramic carrier coated with γ-Al2O3.

2. Refractory kiln furniture

The quality of extruded honeycomb ceramic kiln furniture is 60%-75% lighter than traditional kiln furniture, the heat transfer is rapid, and rapid firing can be achieved. When using it to pad ferrite or other electronic ceramics, it is beneficial to improve product performance. 

3. Wall flow filter

Porous and thin-walled honeycomb ceramics can filter and purify carbon particles in diesel engine gas exhaust gas (about 500 ℃).

Characteristics of Honeycomb Ceramics