Application Of Molecular Sieve 3A
Application Of Molecular Sieve 3A

3A molecular sieve, also known as KA molecular sieve. The pore size of molecular sieve 3A is 3A, which is mainly used to adsorb water. It does not adsorb any molecule larger than 3A in diameter. Suitable for gas and liquid drying, hydrocarbon dehydration. Widely used for oil cracking gas, ethylene, propylene and natural gas deep drying. According to the characteristics of industrial applications, our molecular sieve has a faster adsorption rate,. More regeneration times, higher crushing strength and anti-pollution ability, improve the utilization efficiency of molecular sieve, and extend the service life of molecular sieve. Highly dry, refined, and optimized polymerization desiccant for the gas and liquid phases of the petroleum and chemical industries.

Application: drying various liquids such as ethanol, air drying, refrigerant drying, refrigerant drying, natural gas, dry methane gas, unsaturated hydrocarbon and cracking gas, ethylene, acetylene, propylene, butadiene drying.


Molecular sieves should be preadsorbed before use of water, organic gas or liquid protection, or regeneration.


1. Moisture removal: depends on the water content, and depends on the pressure, temperature and temperature of the regenerated gas. Usually, 200-350 ℃ dry gas in under the pressure of 0.3 to 0.5 kg/cm 2 through molecular sieve bed 3 to 4 hours, outlet temperature is 110-180 ℃, and cooling.

Disorganize: replace organic matter with water vapor, then remove the water.

Storage: room temperature, room temperature, indoor not more than 90% : avoid water, acid, alkali, air isolation, sealed.

The radius of the water molecule is smaller than the pore size of the 3A molecular sieve, and it can be adsorbed by the 3A molecular sieve.