Why choose Glass Raschig Ring


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What is the difference between high borosilicate glass and quartz glass

1. Different ingredients, high borosilicate glass ingredients for sodium oxide, boron oxide. Silica and in the glass borosilicate content is higher :12.5-13.5%, silicon :78-80%, and quartz glass composition is silica: content is 99.99.

2. Different temperature resistance: high borosilicate temperature at strain temperature 520 degrees, softening temperature 820 degrees. Quartz glass has a temperature of 1100 degrees and a melting point of about 1700 degrees.

3. Quartz glass is not only resistant to high temperature, but also acid and corrosion resistance. Good electrical insulation, etc.


why choose glass packing

Glass column is used in chromatography situations where the sample might interact with the walls of the tube. It is standard to use glass columns when working with pesticides and bio-chemicals such as steroids and hormones.


Glass is more inert then the metals and rarely causes tailing or decomposition of the samples. Glass columns are also used where it is desirable that the sample be injected directly into the column.

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Why choose glass packing ?