Breakthrough Development Of Random Packing In Recent Years

Breakthrough development of random packing in recent years

In recent years, in the field of random packing, especially the random packing of plastic material, its selection tends to the lattice structure design, which is mainly led by the plastic Nor-Pak Ring. 

Through systematic research, this form of filler is considered to be an optimized structure. It is followed by plastic, metal and ceramic Hiflow Rings. 

Extensive experimental research through distillation, absorption and desorption

It shows that the lattice structure packing is a high-performance packing; it also shows that they can be successfully used in the separation of heat-sensitive systems and those that require a lot of theoretical levels and energy consumption.

It is also worth mentioning the efficient random packing. 

In industrial production or laboratory research, it is often necessary to separate difficult-to-separate systems with very close boiling points. 

Sometimes some systems are not difficult to separate, but it is also desirable to separate them with shorter packings. This requires highly efficient random packing with extremely high separation efficiency. 

The size of high-efficiency random packing is quite small, generally only 1.5 ~ 10mm, and the specific surface area is generally above 1000m2 / m3. High-efficiency random packing is generally made of wire mesh, fine-wire pierced metal sheets, and the like. Due to capillary action, the surface wetting performance of the packing is quite good. Commonly used high-efficiency random packings include ring nets, saddle nets, calendered ring rings, spiral coils, and mesh belt rolls. 

The number of theoretical stages per meter of high-efficiency random packing varies from several to hundreds. 

Although the separation efficiency of high-efficiency random packing is very high, its amplification effect is very obvious, the processing capacity is very small, and the price is expensive, and it is generally not used in industry. 

In recent years, due to the expansion of the scope of precision rectification applications, the production process using this technology has been increasing, prompting the development of high-efficiency precision packed towers to large scale. The design philosophy of the tower has also changed from the pursuit of high separation efficiency to the pursuit of high comprehensive benefits, that is, separation efficiency and treatment.

Competence must be valued equally. Based on this idea, a new multi-tube high-efficiency packed tower was developed. China has also made great contributions to the industrial random packing. The development of conjugate rings and flat rings has expanded the application range of random packing.