Plastic Random Packing Heilex Ring Main Application

What is the Heilex ring and does it have anything to do with the Haier Brothers? 

Just kidding, let ’s get back to the details of Heilex Ring Plastic Packing. Heilex Plastic Packing is a type of plastic open-hole filler that is injection molded with polypropylene. It was first developed abroad and is subject to this kind of filler in imported devices. Inspiration, China also studied this kind of filler, and successfully developed and researched domestic Heilex ring plastic filler, but because the description of the filler size in the published article is not sufficient, it is impossible to compare this. 

This kind of filler uses the advantages of plastic materials that can be injection molded into complex structures, and its shape and structure are shown in the figure. In addition to the advantages of large flux, reduced pressure, corrosion resistance and good impact resistance, Heilex ring plastic fillers also have the advantages of no nesting between fillers, small wall flow effects and uniform gas-liquid distribution. Heilex ring plastic fillers are suitable for Gas absorption, cooling and gas purification processes. The following introduces the four types of Heilex ring plastic fillers developed abroad that year.

Because Heilex ring plastic packing has the advantages of lower pressure drop, high efficiency and good corrosion resistance, and is not easy to be broken, Heilex ring plastic packing has been successfully used in decarbonization absorption towers in the fertilizer industry; flue Flue gas desulfurization tower for tail gas treatment; absorption tower for steel pickling tail gas; and some absorption towers containing fluoride and cyanide tail gas.