13X APG molecular sieves for south East Asia
Created date: 2022-03-29
We had exported a batch of 13X APG molecular sieves for south east countries.

Our 13X APG molecular sieve for air separation is a special molecular sieve produced to meet the special requirements of the air separation industry, further improve the adsorption capacity of molecular sieves for carbon dioxide and water, and avoid the phenomenon of freezing towers in the air separation process. 13X APG molecular sieve for air separation is suitable for various cryogenic air separation devices of large water.


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13X APG 3-5MM- (3).jpg

13X APG 3-5MM -Metal drum- (1).jpg


*Preparation of nitrogen by cryogenic method to remove water and carbon dioxide in the air;

*Especially suitable for the removal of low-concentration carbon dioxide in the gas stream, and its carbon dioxide removal capacity is more than 60% higher than that of ordinary 13X molecular sieves.


Quality assurance

1) Executive standard: HG/T 2690-2012;

2) Free consultation during the warranty period;

3) COA Test Report

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