Molecular Sieves Shipment
Created date: 2022-02-28
We had exported 40 drums of molecular sieves to South East Asia this month.


Our molecular sieves mainly with 3A, 4A, 5A, 13X, 13X APG,

Oxygen based molecular sieves, lithium-based oxygen molecular sieves.


Why choose us 4A molecular sieves:

Molecular sieves are synthetic, aluminosilicates with a microporous cubic lattice. Molecules of different substances are adsorbed or repelled according to the size of the pores inside the crystal, so they are called "molecular sieves". Substances with a molecular diameter smaller than the pore size of the molecular sieve crystal can enter the molecular sieve crystal and be adsorbed, otherwise they are repelled. The properties of molecular sieves are as follows:

Ion exchange performance----softening water function: each oxygen atom in the 4A molecular sieve framework is shared by two adjacent tetrahedra. 

This structure forms a large crystal cavity, which can be occupied by cations and water molecules. 

These cations and water molecules have greater mobility, allowing for cation exchange and reversible dehydration. 

The ion exchange of 4A molecular sieve is carried out on the framework with aluminum ions, and each aluminum ion has a negative charge, which can bind not only sodium ions but also other cations. 

Calcium and magnesium ions can enter the large crystal pores occupied by the original sodium ions and replace the sodium ions in the 4A molecular sieve - that is, the sodium ions in the 4A molecular sieve can undergo ion exchange and can be combined with Ca2 +, Mg2 + ions in hard water. The exchange achieves the purpose of softening the water quality.




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