PVDF Tellerate Ring & CPVC Pall Ring for export
Created date: 2023-02-28

Pingxiang Ksource Chemical Packing Co., Ltd recently exported a batch of plastic tellerate ring & pall ring for Europe market.

Our this client project is related with the chloride-alkali industry. 

And after comparision, end-user finally choosed the CPVC Pall Ring & PVDF Tellerate Ring.

The main advantage for both two materials can resist the chloride alkali environment, and CPVC working temp. usually 110 DEG.C., 

PVDF material working temp. from -40-150DEG.C. 

PVDF Tellerate Ring CPVC Pall Ring for export.jpg


CPVC packing can fully meet the requirements of chlorine drying tower, pest removal tower, packing tower, absorption tower, scrubber tower and environmental protection waste gas treatment scrubber in chloride-alkali chemical industry, and solve the problem of ceramic and conventional plastic filler being corroded or oxidized by chloride-alkali, chlorine and sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, as well as flammable fire. It can also be used in chloride-alkali industrial PVC projects, caustic soda project devices in Cl2 drying tower, scrubber tower, packing drying tower, and environmental protection waste gas treatment scrubber and absorption tower.

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